The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

This film feels a bit like off-brand Tarantino. 

Unapologetic gruesome violence, unique accents and dialogue, interesting characters, and a definitely unpredictable and unconventional plot line. This film is overflowing with ideas and concepts. The devil all the time has a lot to say, but maybe a little too much to say. I never felt as if there was a concise theme presented. It could simply be my lack of understanding, but either way it feels a little all over the place. 

This film is technically pretty solid, the performances were pretty great, aside from Robert P., which I thought just didn’t fit very well. I attribute his ineptitude more so to direction then his capabilities, but either way it is a blaring weakness. As far as cinematography, sound design, score, it’s all pretty solid nothing really stands out other than the editing. 

The editing in this film is really fitting, every “action” scene is fantastically choreographed and edited. This film is fantastic at building tension even in the most subtle ways. Tom Holland also really stood out, his character was extremely convincing and I felt every single emotion he had. He’s the main reason this film is overall very enjoyable. The last thing I really give credit to is the set design, I felt like I was really immersed in the setting and the world surrounding this film felt perfectly convincing. 

Overall The Devil All the Time is an intriguing film carried by its shocking nature and interesting characters. It’s a little messy and lacks a thematic punch, and leaves you feeling a little empty.