The Half of It ★★★

before anyone yells at me yes i KNOW this movie was not supposed to be a love story okay i too watched and understood its first two minutes

contrary to popular belief, what made this movie Not Good wasn’t the ambiguous ending but rather how it felt both rushed and dragged out (beginning and ending were rushed while the middle was just ?? idk), and how random/disconnected some scenes were (don’t get me wrong, i love movies with purposefully disconnected scenes, but this felt like... not the case).

 it didn’t feel like the characters were actually developed. anytime we would get a hint of a character’s backstory, it would only be touched upon, then quickly brushed off to the side, which made it hard to actually connect to the characters. at the end of the movie i just did Not care at all like fr

also, on a less important note, the jokes were... Not Funny. Didn’t Laugh

to better put it, it was disappointing. i was rly looking forward to this movie but it was just Not It