Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

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You know, since the first day I entered on this site, my favorite movie was always Fight Club, I also considered it to be the best movie I have ever seen for a long time, then I watched Magnolia and Schindler's List and that changed. Fight Club continued to be my favorite movie because it had more power and emotional connection for me than these both, but in a quality level both movies are better and that is undeniable at least for me. But then time passed and one of these movies (Schindler's List) kinda lost it's charm, it's still one of the best movies ever made but I dont think it is the best as I used to think. Since them I considered Magnolia the best movie ever made for a bunch of reasons and I would still consider it if I didnt decide to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once today.

Yes, for now on I consider Everything Everywhere All At Once the best movie ever made. Why? Well, I have dreamnt about a movie like Everything Everywhere All At Once for a long time, but I knew that if there was a movie like it it wouldnt be as good as I think, there's no way it would be as amazing as I wanted to, but then these two mothefuckers did it, a movie so good that if you say isnt good you're tripping. And it also made me feel emotions that never a movie has made with me, and yes I'm including Fight Club and that's why I'm considering rewatching this movie soon to see if it's my favorite. A real masterpiece that only a genius could make. Or two geniuses in that case.

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