The Card Counter

The Card Counter ★★★★★

The logical next step for Schrader. It takes the post-war antihero of his early work and applies him to the 21st century context, a world that is stained by CCTV cameras, American soldiers unable to move on, flashing lights and touch blocked by screens (or, plastic screens in this case). Schrader’s admiration for Bresson is apparent, as one should expect from this era of Schrader’s career - the focus on hands and their actions, on the writing out of the past. It feels, much like the Irishman did, like the perfect ending to the cinematic career of one of America’s all time greatest film artists and, just as I do with Scorsese, I hope and pray that this isn’t the last film we see from Schrader even though this would be a suitable swan-song. If there’s a better film released this year, I certainly haven’t seen it. 

“The body remembers.”

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