Eternals ★★★★½

Not y’all thinking this is worse than some of that bullshit that came out in the first three phases. Miss me with that bullshit. This bored you but you’re perfectly fine watching Thor: The Dark World or Iron Man 2.

Eternals was everything I’d imagined it’d be. Chloe Zhao brings her style and incorporates it so effortlessly into the Marvel catalog. We have WOMEN playing huge parts, POC characters, an LGBT character, and a deaf character and you still want to complain.

Yes. Marvel is using this film to kind of set up the bigger picture so it’s a bit slow and a bit sloppy in places. And yes I wish we could have those singular, independent stories that we can invest in.. this is more than enough to sink your teeth into.

The cast is brilliant! Not a one turned my eye in negative way. The visuals are stunning. There are some jokes that might not land here and there but the story has been carefully crafted to pay off in the long run. I particularly loved all of the flashbacks and seeing how they are connected to the earth’s history. I’m turning off the comments because I don’t want to want to hear your bullshit. 😌✋🏼

Thank you Chloe Zhao for giving us this piece of work that I’ll definitely be revisiting over and over. 👏🏼

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