Afflicted ★★★★½

I'm semi-disappointed by the luke-warm response on these reviews. This movie was absolutely nuts and completely riveting. I couldn't believe that so much freshness could come out of the found footage genre, but here we are.

This movie takes a unique approach of making the premise of the movie be two filmmakers and best friends making a travel vlog together. The friends are the directors: Derek Lee and Cliff Prowse, probably two of the most likable guys ever. I got to shake their hands after the screening. They go far and away to insert some real stakes to setup why this trip would make sense and why they would be filming, even when all the shit goes down.

Some crazy visual effects, stunts and wire-work are on display here, which make for an awesome time. This deserves to be a hit, but with CBS Films, I don't know how likely that is. Catch it on VOD or in theatres in April.

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