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  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    This gets better with every viewing!

    Religion-as-psychosis. Perfect.

  • News of the World

    News of the World


    Well, the little girl killed it in this movie. She smiled twice during the entire movie and both times it lit the entire world.

    And Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks. His heroic every-man plays well in a Western setting. Surprised I have not seen it before.

    Good movie. Hits you in the feels.

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  • Antebellum



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not as layered or deep as one would think with the content and concepts it takes on.

    As a straight thriller this movie delivered. Janelle Monae is a strong actress and plays both ends of this part with such conviction.

    As unrealistic as this seems, it could just as easily truly exist and be completely overlooked.

    Get Out meets Westworld: Southworld.

  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Jesus H. Christ.

    A more bleak, morose tale, I cannot think of. It played like a collaborative effort between Stephen King and Cormac McCarthy. No Country for Old Men in the heart of Derry, Maine.

    The acting was superb which carried this dark story from start to finish. It doesn't hurt that the cast is stacked out the door.

    Skaarsgard, Pattinson, Stan, Holland and Clarke all add a level of dirt and grime to the ever increasing violence and mounting despair.

    Everything about this movie worked for me. I loved it.