Burning ★★★★★

No matter what we leave behind, the feelings of them always linger... burned in our memory forever...

An intricate mystery that confounds at will, but traverses each question it asks with a cold simplicity. The 3 main characters contrast against each other so well. Jong-su, Haemi and Ben are all psychologically damaged, but each with a dagger of their own. Steven Yeun's Ben in particular is so sharp, confident, but just off kilter enough to give off that "Gatsby" vibe, an idea brought early in the film.

The cinematography here is one of my favourites this year. Rich, captivating and exceptionally lit, Hong Kyung-pyo's camera work manages to capture the disheartening spirit that pervades throughout the story.

I'm incredibly happy to have finally seen this, as missing it at TIFF was one of my big regrets. A second watch is a must.

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