Manhunter ★★★★★

(70mm) + (Q & A with Michael Mann)

Was an absolute dream come true to see my favorite movie, with its’ director in attendance, surprising us with his own personal, giant 70mm print. The film itself has never felt grander to me, the sound never felt crisper with certain recurring themes kicking on with clarity I was never formerly aware of. Mann talked about his influences with this film; he carried his original notes in an appropriate red-folder, talked of a real murderer he had met with on multiple occasions, and how his biggest influence on the Leckter/Graham dynamic was the romantic-comedy, Pillow Talk, which I feel like was true news to the film world. How Brian Dennehy recommended Brian Cox. Dino De Laurentiis came up, he explained his decision to change the title from Red Dragon, and how the small marketing budget and slack distribution undercut a good critical reception for the film. He also mentioned by the end that with this massive print of his, he is currently tinkering a newly restored version with some of the deleted scenes he wishes to restore - and one can only hope he learned his lesson with the 4K of Heat - which he had mentioned that he “..never touched a frame of..

So this was a true privilege. Couldn’t actually purchase tickets in advance, so took a chance and a long drive hoping there would be seats available for stand-by and by pure luck, was sat up in the front row. So got to really live in the image and soundscape for two hours and got to see the master up close in-person. Am very thankful for the opportunity.

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