Midsommar ★★★

a little perplexed by some of the early press response to this; past its first scene, it never veers far into the disturbing or the original, which, fine! not every horror movie has to or should leave you shocked. but you’d at least hope to see a bit more narrative imagination brought to a horror subject as familiar as cult ritual. it establishes a pretty clear direction for itself to go in, and instead of ever playing to or subverting those associated expectations, it all unfolds more or less how you guess it will (which is depressing when it’s coming from the guy who pulled off the bait-and-switch with Charlie’s character last summer). Dani’s just sort of passive throughout, and even her pivotal moment of agency takes place offscreen, the whole finale free of pathos — which may have been intentional, but it makes it hard to buy the satisfying close the movie’s so clearly trying to deliver. 

damn but those psychedelic effects were cool as hell and eerily spot-on.

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