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  • The Big Sick

    The Big Sick


    This film's greatest strength is being no different than every other film like this, while simultaneously being completely different and charmingly unique. Kumail (and the fact it is based on his actual life) is definitely its second greatest strength. It is a smart and wonderful drama about the peculiar comedy of life and relationships, or is it the other way around?

  • The Woman in Black

    The Woman in Black


    This is a standard-fare supernatural horror whose only real standout element is its impressive location setting. Radcliffe and the supporting cast all turn in serviceable performances, but in service of yet another solid, if almost completely forgettable, filmmaking-by-numbers genre film.

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  • Turbo Kid

    Turbo Kid


    Insanely fun, delightfully gory, and with a killer soundtrack, this homage to the 80s and its particular brand of post-apocalyptic adventure films knows exactly what it is doing as it somehow manages to keep a straight face while almost constantly winking. Is it perfect? No. Is it cheesy? Yes. Is the gore ridiculously over-the-top? Of course. Did it win over every single person at the late night screening? Absolutely.

  • Interstellar



    This is not a modern 2001, nor is it trying to be. Anyone arguing that is reaching for a reason to be cynical. I think of it as a love letter to the power and influence of 2001, told by the guy who made Memento, The Prestige, and Inception. It is ambitious and beautiful, a melody of science and emotion. Some moments genuinely left me in awe. Zimmer's score is masterful & moving. Hoytema's work is rich & captivating. Nolan, for better…