• Tenet



    Smithsonian brought this back in 1.43:1 aspect ratio IMAX and I felt rather obligated to rewatch in that format. I won’t pretend it didn’t make good use of the tall screen, and for that reason I don’t mind having spent the money on a ticket, but as I’ve said before: premium large formats can only improve the quality of the viewing experience, not the film itself.

    I already had issues with this movie the first two times I saw it…

  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    Goodbye, Dragon Inn


    Was several minutes late because Amtrak smh, but figured seeing most of this theatrically better than none of it theatrically. Think I was correct.

  • Without Limits

    Without Limits


    This sports movie got problems but I think I’m in love with Billy Crudup so whatever, it was effective and I would watch it again.

  • Days



    Note to self:
    1) Maybe don’t watch Tsai Ming-liang movie when I’m recovering from a hangover
    2) Maybe don’t buy snacks for Tsai Ming-liang movie

    I’ve really fallen in love with Tsai’s filmography over the past year and would call him one of my favorite directors. It was quite the treat to finally see one of his works in a theater, especially compared to my 40” TV, with an alarming amount of his catalogue available in standard definition only.


  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    The second best Edgar Wright film of 2021! 

    Perhaps his weakest screenplay, in particular the first 2/3, but I thought the final act really came together and was very satisfying.

  • Titane



    There are objectively more important things I could’ve done with my time instead of rewatching this but I’m not sure those give me as much serotonin.

  • The Hand of God

    The Hand of God


    The director, Paolo Sorrentino, was there in person to receive an award from the Ambassador of Italy and to give an introduction to and be part of a conversation after the screening. Afterward, I went up to him, shook his hand, and told him Youth changed my life. He thanked me, said I was very kind, and patted me on the shoulder. I will be living off of this high for at least the rest of the year, thank you…

  • Titane



    The scene where they’re all dancing to Future Islands, man… One of the sweetest scenes of the year in a movie with imagery that still makes me cringe three viewings in.

    Far from perfect but just so entertaining.

  • Wife of a Spy

    Wife of a Spy


    As far as made-for-TV movies that for whatever reason got a theatrical release here in the States, this film’s origin of platform was not as obvious as Together, but still evident.

    The description of this film posted by the theater noted how it was “shot in stunning 8K,” but nothing about the shooting style seemed to justify this decision.

    Was quite looking forward to this since I connected with To the Ends of the Earth so heavily last year, but I found myself far too disinterested in the story, or at least how it was paced. Will give credit to the lead performance.

  • Clara Sola

    Clara Sola


    Wendy Chinchilla Araya gives one of the best performances I’ve seen this year and I’m already sad that she will probably be overlooked whenever Oscilloscope officially releases this thing.

  • Courageous



    Courageous: Legacy - 10th Anniversary re-release

  • Malignant



    So much wrong with this. Aggressively mediocre first 2/3, poor writing throughout, obnoxious score…

    But the last 1/3 oh my goodness. A batshit twist I could not predict and a hilarious ERUPTION of gory kills. Maybe worth viewing just for it.