I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

I Tonya’ is superbly cast & perfectly executed, and in my humble opinion gets better with every watch.

I honestly had no prior opinion on her & the whole Nancy Kerrigan situation due to the fact it was way before my time, so watching it once again with fresh eyes I really cant help but feel sorry for her. The girl had a seemingly jealous, unloving matriarch for a mother & an abusive manipulative prick for a husband, Sebastian Stan there was no stanning of you on my behalf in this particular flick. 

Obviously what went down was completely unacceptable, but I do feel for her. She was obviously a very talented skater & the fact she wasn't allowed to skate thereafter must have  been a complete shock but saying that! Actions must have consequences.

Overall a superb piece of film with stellar performances on show from Ms Robbie and Queen Janney. Her oscar was far overdue and very well deserved.

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