10 Cloverfield Lane ★★★

I really love narrow sci-fi movies like this, and I thought this was a really great take on having a tight, focused script. I especially loved how light-drama it was at times, and how under different circumstances this would have made for a great ongoing light-hearted web-series about a group of people trying to survive in this bunker.

My biggest complaint is I kind of thought the final act was a little unnecessary and not done as well as I was hoping for: up until now there was no spectacle, and I felt like they could have continued that way. It's certainly not bad though, and it seems like I'm in the minority reading other reviews, just thought it expanded things when they didn't need to.

Really want to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead in more movies, it's kind of crazy how little she's in imo. It's funny, the ending of this movie is almost like a parallel universe take on the 2011 The Thing considering she stars in that as well.

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