1917 ★★★★★

On a third watch of this I do have to admit there's a few things that stick out to me as less-than-stellar: an uneven script, over-reliance on score, noticeable cameos, and perhaps some questionable decisions by characters. Basically what the main criticisms pointed at this movie tend to be and I was able to notice them more this time.

So it's not necessarily the original five-star film I wanted it to be on my first watch where everything was fresh and exciting and awed me with its sheer technical marvel.

That being said... this is the kind of movie I've been dying to watch for years, the type of movie that does put all its eggs into one basket and banks on sweeping general audiences with its incredible cinematography, powerful sound design, and one-take technique. Two people talking in a room for two hours? Ironically problematic movie that tries to tackle race or Hitler and ends up saying nothing? Another mediocre rom-com made by Amazon Studios? Artsy-fartsy film that's acclaimed because it makes no sense to non-pretentious people?

Miss me with those; 1917 is my popcorn flick, my Michael Bay, my "two people walking from A to B" savior. Listen, just like good lesbian films we don't get very many of these so I'm gonna champion this until the very end.

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