Midsommar ★★★½

I'm definitely overrating this and I can't say I love it to death like I did with Hereditary, but it's very different from almost anything else I've seen and it's done as impeccably as its predecessor.

The opening is honestly so well done that I almost think the rest of the movie is a step down. It's still quite good, just that the 2.5 hour runtime will make you feel the full length, and I started to feel like they were either running out of ideas or dragging their feet right near the end.

The climax is exactly as excellent as I expected though, and I both couldn't see how you could end a movie like this while also not being able to see how you could end it any other way. My only complaint is that I wish they pushed some of the cult-y, horror vibes even more. You definitely get a taste of it at the end, but it feels more like an appetizer for the main course.

Still, I have an immense amount of respect to Ari Aster just for attempting a waking daylight horror, and for the most part this movie takes a bunch of odd folklore and refines them to an immaculate degree.

If Elden Ring could just be like this, except more, that would be great.

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