Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

Night Is Short, Walk on Girl ★★★★½

Replicates that feeling of late-night hangouts (responsibly) binging booze or other mood-alterers with your friends in the city without much of a plan. Head on in to that used bookstore that only sells political manifestos and erotica, take a peek at that pop-up theater that only plays on the second saturday of each month, have a drink with that weird old guy who always comes and goes by his lonesome. Why? The better question is, why not? Night Is Short, Walk on Girl believes that sobriety is just a state of mind, siblings with intoxication and inebriation; each grants a perspective the others lack, and you lose out on so much beauty in the world if you always keep to one. There's so many interesting faces and places littered all around your ordinary, daily life... you just never have a good excuse to walk on in. Not so on nights like these.

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