The Hunt

The Hunt

The most lukewarm of takes on the tried-and-true "rich folks hunting poor folks" class commentary I've ever seen especially since it conflates political ideologies as the axis of conflict when it should be tackling classism instead. Attempts to skewer both sides equally but fails in doing so and comes across as eye-rollingly hackneyed, never saying anything more than simply browsing certain branches of Twitter would impart; instead it's obnoxious in the same sense as that person you know who "isn't prejudiced, they just offend everyone equally" as if we live in a world that's equal and such behavior is logical.

This could all be excused if it had inspired writing, direction, dialogue, or action, but sadly it feels like they took every opportunity they could to make potshots at various strawmen, to the detriment of the film's other aspects. What was the point of any of this? How does the political commentary (if you can even call it that) add anything of value? Why do people find this film's incredibly surface-level messages to be of any importance?

Anger at the system is good, but when it's done in the nihilistic "screw both sides" way that's displayed here, it's simply promoting a selfish outlook on life that inherently denigrates the 'other' when we should be finding ways to unify and challenge the systems of oppression that affect us all. To that end I feel like The Hunt commits the worst of sins, of seeing the world go down in flames and opting to not do anything at all because "both sides are bad, I'm different."


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