The Village

The Village

Perhaps one of the greatest reveals in cinema specifically because it takes the ideas of faith and belief being wrested with throughout and pulls back entire scopes until it encompasses its very history. The truth of the dilemmas we encounter in life can be viewed entirely from the perspective we choose to take, which is to say that 'truth' only has meaning insomuch as it relates to our personal truth yet the significance of this truth defines not just our world but those of those around us. In that sense ethics remain tricky (as they should be) as they are dependent upon our values yet the inherent 'trickiness' of these dilemmas grant us the right to, at any point, revoke our acceptance of one perspective and view it through another. This causes pain, but it is our god-given right.

Here the central dilemma on which everything is built up from is borne from utmost compassion and to dismiss it entirely is to dismiss such compassion, a denial of the right to alleviate traumas that are too great to heal on their own. It is when the 'truth' is revealed that the dilemma is too and suddenly the innocent enter a world of sin, as they must decide right then and there what truth they choose and go forward into their new world as best they can. Complicity out of compassion; it is for the health of the community. Such decision consents to lifting the truth from personal to communal, and the way it is framed here further lifts it to our very faith itself. Faith within faith, administered by those who cannot believe in it and embraced by those who can never learn why. A necessary sin.

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