Upgrade ★★★★

Well I didn't expect to like this as much as I do, but it strikes a very niche niche among sci-fi settings in a way that's both believable and close to what's going on today, as well as being far enough off that there's moments of inspiration with the environments.

The actual plot I don't really think is that amazing, but I found it to be perfectly serviceable. I really enjoyed the occasional out-of-place humor that was injected here and there, especially the very first time Logan Marshall-Green lets STEM take over. And I loved the camera-work for the action scenes too, it felt incredibly organic hilarious enough, a moment where the actual mechanics of the movie-making is entwined so well with the movie itself.

I really just eat this type of movie up though, in all honesty it's closer to being an impressive low-budget B-movie than something revolutionary, but I still found it to be somewhat innovative and it hit all my buttons. In my personal opinion, the limited budget and scope made this a lot more interesting than most sci-fi blockbusters that come out.

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