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  • Amadeus
  • Oldboy
  • Downfall
  • 28 Days Later

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  • A History of Violence


  • L.A. Confidential


  • Sound of Metal


  • The Lighthouse


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  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    A History of Violence is a clever title. It both refers to the Main Character's past, but it also describes the film as a whole. It's every kind of violence explored through this one character.

    Like its title, this film is extremely clever. From trusting the audience enough to not have to explain things, to it's exploration of incredibly interesting themes like the cyclical nature of violence and it's effect on both the perpetrators and the people around it. It's…

  • L.A. Confidential

    L.A. Confidential


    L.A. Confidential is an amazing film. It's probably one of the best Noir/Police stories ever told. The acting is excellent, the score is great, the cinematography is great, the story is tense as hell and well layered, tough the twist is a bit of a tired trope.

    I like that Hanson also didn't shy away from faithfully portraying the dark sides of both the characters and the police as an institution. Be it their racism (which is an actual part…

Popular reviews

  • The Man Who Drew God

    The Man Who Drew God

    According to Variety, this film is "about a blind artist who can draw people from their voice and is wrongly accused of sexually abusing a child" and It stars Kevin Spacey.

    Are we sure this film isn't secretly directed by Bryan Singer or Roman Polanski? Then this whole thing would suddenly make a lot more sense.

  • Old


    Can M Night do it?

    Can he finally recapture some of the film-making magic he had early on, or are we in for the next disaster, somehow even worse than the last?

    That seems to be the question with every new M Night film. I hope that this film will turn out great, do I think it will though? Honestly I am cautiously optimistic at the absolute very best.

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see.