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  • Peep

    Peep "TV" Show


    Life is not real, reality is what we see in tv, so thereby not reality, but reality is all peformative,  but yet we see senesetized to murder and death, thinking it is not real, which is why we wanna die, since we thinking that the act of dying is not real and that the world is not real and the internet is to bridge a connection between “real” and “fake” and eech

  • Kaala



    God tier Cinema, masterful revolution, examine the differences and faults between democratic and violent leftist reveloution(leans towards violent which is cool), but this is incredible anyway. Feels like an epic and the action scenes are peak maximalism(for some reason, one of them reminded me of John woo). Deffo one of the best movies of the decade, never dull, good praxis, incredible looking, well paced, not forbidden length

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  • Seven Samurai

    Seven Samurai


    Betting that everything good has been said about this masterfully written paced film, so I must say that there’s a guy who gave this half a star and called it boring, and in his favourite films he put Scott pilgrim.  That’s all

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    The purest thing I have ever seen that is auctally movie magic. Romantic, tragic, wonderful, Pure! It is all of these things! Ending is wonderful! Pure escapism for me!!!!