Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★

Should be taught in a 101 class of how not to do maximalist movies.  Having a character constantly fuck up in a telegraphed picture and having everybody be pieiches of shit is lazy nihilism and also snobbish condescension.  There are critiques of the system, but they are too basic to be substational in any way. Just annoying and tiring. The condescion turns into mean spiritness at the expense of the main character, which is fine( look at death wish and look at dogville), but to have it so obviously contrivred is a big turn off.  Having no build up to tension didn’t exciting, it’s fucking tiring and boring.  I also think the Ethiopian diamonds are put there for surface political window dressing, they don’t mean anything in the context of the film.   Really tired of genre fans praising anything “maxamlist” and genre stuff directed by aleready established directors, when they can go international and look at films by India or underrated action blockbusters. 

If you want films in which they hate the protoganist, watch observe and report 
If you want a film in which the tension is ratcheted up, watch sahaoo

Bring on the defenders!

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