The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

Come and listen, me lads, to advice I hold dear
a good rule of thumb, to be sure
When imbibing hard liquor or lots of cheap beer
think of what others around you must endure.
The next time you become belligerent, I mean really going off
with bad opinions and beer breath in my face
just relax, sit down with me, get rid of that drink,
and here...put this joint in its place.

Many's the time that a tragedy's occurred
and alcohol's been partly to blame.
Broken up families, busted up cars,
relationships and lives lit aflame.
I'm not saying I don't drink (definitely not to excess)
but this promise I make, unafraid:
I can smoke 40 bowls, and no matter how gone
I've never tried to bang a mermaid.

But if drink drives a man to losing his mind
(or possibly everything he has)
Then I'll stay right here, with my favorite piece
and give all that liquor a hard pass.
There are some, I am sure, that will pipe up to ask
"But Mobo, why not throw both away?"
It's 2020 out there. Have you turned on the news?
I don't know what you want me to say.

I am well aware that this is not a review,
(it's barely a good poem, I know)
but after watching "The Lighthouse", I'm really bummed out.
I love me some Willem Dafoe.
Seeing these two men, both lives destroyed
by the bottle, with no chance to impede...
I felt it important to come share my thoughts
(you know us pot heads love to talk about weed).

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