Persona ★★★★

I have no idea what happened, no idea what to make of it, and know idea what it means off the top of my head, yet I know for certain it’s great. I, to my surprise, loved Ingmar Bergman’s Persona. I usually dislike films that make no sense to me, and in these cases in an unpleasant manner—Mulholland Drive, Synecdoche, New York, Under the Skin, but Persona I can fully get behind. Its striking construction is abstract and confusing, but cohesive and precise. Bergman’s direction is visually jarring. Persona boasts images that meld together as if not one but two shots are fitted into one. Like overlapping, jagged, but perfectly aligned puzzle pieces. There are so many iconic and brilliantly composed shots here in such a minimalistic texture. 
And Bibi Andersson, what a performance. Definitely one of the great actress showings ever. Liv Ullmann right alongside her delivers a dominating performance literally without any dialogue. In every scene, despite being in complete and utter silence, Ullmann has complete control over the screen. Complete command. What a weird antagonist of sorts—pushing a story without any reaction or expression. 

There are several scenes that are quite confusing, but the feeling that Bergman creates is genuinely satisfying. Not satisfying as is (considering whatever the hell just happened), but satisfying in that Persona’s grim connects and lands as it was meant to.