Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½

Into the Spider-Verse is easily the best and most accurate comic book to film visual depiction of all time, thanks to the exaggerated swagger of a young black teen. 

The imitation of the comic book panels and the sound bubbles—all of it’s brilliant. 

Unless a sequel tops this, which I believe is highly unlikely, there will never be another superhero adaptation that could capture the pure essence of the graphic novel pages as well as they did here. I don’t know how you could even approach such an attempt without swinging over to the same medium in animation. The gorgeous visuals and fist-pumping songs have always been more than evident to me from my first viewing to now with what has to be around my fourth, but how proficient this film is as a storyteller always gets better and better each time. The structure, the execution. I never noticed how well Miles’ and Fisks’ characters paralleled against each other in their arcs despite not having shared that much time together. I’ll also always appreciate how good Into the Spider-Verse is at subversion even though it’s not really thought of as a twisty or necessarily mind-bending narrative too - it just cleverly uses what it has to continuously elevate the narrative (the early death of Peter Parker and the actually justified gender-switch of Doc Ock come to mind). 

Out of all the cool things this incredible movie pulls off, my favorite parts will always include the Prowler. The chase sequences are astounding. The sound design and the score are so iconic in making the character easily one of the most memorable things to take away. The MCU gets a bad rap for its villains but there’s no way they can match what ITSV created - that is if they even get the chance (don’t get me wrong though, I hope they capitalize on my boy Donald Glover). Both in the comic book and animated realm of films this is easily towards the top. I see Infinity War and The Dark Knight and WALL•E and Ratatouille right next to this. I don’t really have major expectations for the sequel, but maybe I shouldn’t doubt them after surely doubting this masterpiece. Into the Spider-Verse just nails every single beat without a single misstep.