WandaVision ★★★½

Weird. Really weird.

Non-spoiler review for the WandaVision premiere:

Episode 1 - ★★★ | Episode 2 - ★★★½

They said quirky, and they delivered. I wish I had knowledge under my belt as far the evolution of the American sitcom in order to gauge how well this era was captured (and the eras to follow). Oh well. 

WandaVision is a slower, off-beat affair. It takes a minute to adjust to, especially considering the pretty established style that the MCU has had over its long run. To me it felt weird trying to wrap my head around such an odd direction: we’ve wanted something more original for so long, and it’d be out of place to criticize it for doing exactly so. For the MCU, WandaVision feels inclined to be more artistic in its delivery (which is what I’m assuming to be the depiction of someone’s grief), and even though I had to find my footing to start out, I’m glad to say I’m confident Marvel might just hit it out of the park. 

The pacing is quite low-energy, and it’s safe to say that some audiences will find it boring. Doing something that is more interpretive, with a clear vision behind its creation, will for certain lose that infinitely wide mainstream appeal. At the peak of its success though, there is no better time to go all-in on this different direction for the MCU’s first mini-series. 

The tone is awkward, with a sense of lingering urgency. Like a monster settling beneath the bed. The feeling is there but it hasn’t revealed itself. The information given to back this mystery is fittingly limited, as we only get a few tidbits along Wanda and Vision’s attempt to stay seemingly normal in the neighborhooddespite their abilities. This causes for some clever and ironic writing in the second episode, which is a noticeable jump from the first in my opinion. They’re put in these strange situations from this, and I enjoy the contrast of a witch and a robot within such a conventional setting. 

Overall WandaVision opens with a little bit of a mild start, and there’s a charm to it. It’s not some flashbang, firework introduction back into the MCU after 2020’s drought year. We’re creeping back in. There has never been something like this in the MCU, and I’m glad they’ve gone this way: uncharted land. It’s a patient, but promising start to what will hopefully be a superb gateway into the rest of Phase 4. 

For those who have seen the opening two episodes now (entering spoiler-territory):

Any theories for next week’s installment?

A red helicopter. A radio warning. A bee keeper. And a suspicious rewind. I think it’s clear that this reality is in Wanda’s head—where is she, who’s with her in the neighborhood, and what are all these clues, is the question. I believe that the next episode, now entering a new era in what seems to be a reaction to Wanda not wanting her perfect reality with Vision to be disturbed (by the bee keeper), will continue to lay the groundwork for a reveal in the end and cause more conflict in their secret within the neighborhood. I wonder when Monica Rambeau will come into play, and when this “surprise actor” will be revealed. What do you think?

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