Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★½

And the reviews pour in. I'm glad to see it. I would be going to see this again during its meager five-day run in the US if I weren't sitting at a bar in an airport just after seeing it, on my way back to Michigan for the second family funeral in less than two years. Last year it was my grandma, and this year it's grandpa. And before you feel obligated to offer me your condolences, thank you, but I am fine and I don't mean to use this space to air out my grief, though that might be a thing to do in a review for a giant monster movie, with timing like this. Maybe it'll dawn on me later that I should've taken the opportunity for catharsis. Right now, I'm just going to appreciate having seen a movie that I feel was made for me, though maybe it was more for people living in Japan.

Before the film started, a local guy who does a kaiju podcast (which I will look up later and link in a comment and/or edit here) did an intro/history thing where he mentioned Evangelion, the '90s Gamera movies, and the recent Attack on Titan live action adaptations as points of reference when taking into account the creative forces behind this new Toho Godzilla. When he asked the audience if they'd seen these things (along with related films like Giant Monsters All-Out Attack), I was probably one of maybe five people who raised their hands each time. I nudged my partner when I heard the music from Evangelion pop in. Yes, this is my shit.

For now, gonna leave it at that. Other reviews I've already read are doing a fine job of outlining this thing's strengths (and maybe a few weaknesses, sure). I am plenty satisfied.

Now to go get on this plane.

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