Nope ★★★★

It can't be denied that Nope is a very smart film. It is filled to the brim with allusions, references and thematic elements that work very well together. The concept is both very original but clearly placed in its cinematic lineage. The script is clever and ably performed (Keke Palmer and Brandon Perea are both standouts and should be in a buddy comedy together). Like each of Peele's movies, Nope is the type of blockbuster I want Hollywood to keep making.

All that said... something about it didn't quite resonate. Despite the grand scale of the project, the stakes felt small to me. I couldn't get amped up for the protagonists, despite how appealing they are. Fairly early on, it feels like the gang mostly figures out how to manage the situation, and then they... manage it. It's all very cool, but I don't know how thrilling I found it.

I think my experience was tempered both by the hype and by the trailer, which reveals way too much. I would have avoided it if I could, and if you haven't seen Nope yet, I recommend you go in as cold as possible.

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