Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★★

this movie is pretty perfect for a lot of reasons. we have a star studded supporting cast (sarah michelle deserved more screen time), really awesome kills, and the comedic elements worked really well. i also think gale’s redemption arc was super organic and effective. thanks to courtney cox the transition from malicious and selfish to a hero you root for is seamless.

but my favorite thing about scream 2 is how it solidifies sydney prescott as the heart of this franchise in a way no other final girl has been able to do for their respective movies. when you think of elm street you think of freddy. when you think of friday you think of jason. but when you think of scream you think of sydney prescott, making her virtually immortal because they know we won’t care about a scream movie without her in it. i just hope the writers of the new one are aware of that. 


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