WandaVision ★★★★★

“this is chaos magic, wanda. and that makes you the scarlet witch.”

oh wow. this was truly, truly fantastic. this is by far the most exciting and original thing marvel has ever made. “wandavision” has broken new ground and set a new standard for the marvel cinematic universe. 

this is coming from someone who genuinely enjoys and loves the mcu for what it is....but marvel movies are extremely formulaic and by the book. they’re fun and flashy and easily digestible. but there’s nothing really substantial there. do i still give most of the movies 4-5 stars? yeah. because they’re not really disguising themselves as high art. they are loud, big-budget movies that are made to make a lot of money. it is what it is and they’re okay with it and i’m okay with it too. actually, i love it. i like movies that are fun, because.....i like to have fun? life is really hard most of the time and it’s nice to be able to turn off my brain and allow myself to get lost in this universe. i like getting excited about a new release every few months. they could have kept it at that and they would have been completely fine....but this show changed everything for me. 

this an extremely ambitious story (yeah the last episode played it very safe and was very classic marvel), but you can tell from the very first episode that this was a passion project and that it was crafted with care. as fun as the mystery behind everything was (and trust me, it was fun) i was absolutely amazed with the compassion and understanding these storytellers had towards wanda. at the root of it this show is an emotional and character based story about grief and trauma. 

this is also the first time marvel has made a genuine effort with their female characters. we actually saw female characters interact with each other in a meaningful way. it was extremely refreshing and i’m really hoping that moving forward this isn’t such a rarity for marvel anymore. 

i loved the episodic format of it. i loved how it came out every week instead of all at once. it really allowed itself to be an experience. for 8 weeks all i did from saturday to thursday was anxiously wait for friday to come so I could watch a new episode. 

the performances were amazing. wanda has always been a personal favorite of mine but she was never really given much to do in the movies and i’m really happy she finally got a chance to shine. i adore elizabeth olsen’s performance. kathryn hahn is a literal legend. teyonah parris had a wonderful introduction and i’m so excited to see her in future projects. randall park was goofy and cute. and i’m so glad they found a place for kat dennings in this miniseries, i’ve missed her character terribly. 

all in all, this was an extremely good time. i’m so happy they decided to kick off phase 4 with this. it was a wild ride, and i’m going to miss having a new episode of this show to watch every friday. 

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