Captain Marvel ★★★★★

"Higher, further, faster, baby."

Holy shit. I can't even put into words just how happy I am after seeing this. This is by far my favourite Marvel movie without a doubt and I just love Carol Danvers so much. I love that it focuses so much on the aspect's of Carol's humanness but not undermining just how powerfuls she is. As a cat person, having Goose have such a presence in the film made me feel seen. I could not get enough of Goose. I really loved the banter between Carol and Fury. Also, I LOVED the Skrulls. They were so cool and now I hope we get to see more of them in future Marvel movies. Seeing a female friendship onscreen between Carol and Maria was one of the most refreshing things that Marvel has done and I'm so happy for the young girls that get to witness it and have someone like Carol to look up to. As of now, we can establish that Carol Danvers IS the strongest avenger. Period.

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