Suspiria ★★★★★

"I am She."

Where the hell do I even begin? For starters, this film is a fucking nightmare in the best way possible. There are some shots that have been permanently engrained in my brain because of how disturbing they were. Thom Yorke's score was fucking amazing and super haunting. One of the best horror soundtracks i've heard in years along with Annihilation. I have not stopped thinking about Dakota's line delivery of "It felt like what I think it must feel like to fuck." God, the Volk dance. A dance scene has never haunted me so much until this movie. I truly am speechless. The third act of this film was fucking batshit crazy and I couldn't turn my eyes away from it for one moment. The minute Death showed up and the whole screen turned red.... that shit was fucking breathtaking. I fucking hope we get more horror films like this in the future because this is the kind of shit that I adore.

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