i had pretty much no hype whatsoever for dunkirk despite having purposly waited for this late one off 70mm screening in my city. i think my hype window for new releases is limited to that fresh opening night experience, which has kinda been drilled in to me because we only get relatively few undubbed screenings per film over here. i also prefer to not leave my house, kinda ever (i'm working on it) so that doesn't help.

i did miss the one i had reserved yesterday, but then saw that the one today was at 3pm, so i called in last minute for tix, saying that if theres a good seat left imma be there, and there was! so i tossed like 6 quick sandwiches and an energy drink down my tummy (small sandwiches, tho i do eat fast) and ran lola ran to the screening. 

and i'm glad did! it wasn't *the* jawdropping experience so many ppl had with it, but it was an experience nonetheless. one that doesn't really leave me with all that much to say. it's a perfectly good film with lil wiffs of greatness that may build on a rewatch. no need to really get into what more i would've potentially wanted out of it or what more nolan could've done with it, because i ultimately like it fine for what it is, tho while watching i did wonder what it would've been like if he went for the r-rating. 

but he didn't! and though no doubt the studio prefers it this way, i'm sure if that's what he wanted to do, with the kind of weight his name holds, he could've. 

the film works. i like it quite a bit. but i'm just left with a weird, almost fleeting kind of feeling, as if i was there, not as one of the soldiers, *just surviving*, but as one of the kids on the boat, *just looking on*.. maybe having contributed in some way, but just not feeling like i was part of any of it. 

idunno. but i liked the film!!

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