The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★★

i need to stop wearing clothes that show water when i know (i knew!) going in my face will leak water

i cant even say it

i had the biggest worry in the past few weeks that the hype sean ended up catching with this would hurt me going in, since far as my eyes seen it was all over the internet hitting peak oversaturation, but thats not the case im so happy to say. so happy sean went from shooting on phones out of necessity to shootin 35 filming that very necessity, tapping into the same thing i said few months back about koreeda's i wish, both films that capture childhood in a way that i truly only remember from my own. in a way that reminds you that the outside changes going on, that lil pink jelly in your skull it dont affect it, and thats the core i mean, when our biggest worry just if scooty could come out to play. im still sobbin now, and i have absolutely 0 worries that sean will sway anywhere different now that the budgets will start lookin a lil bigger. he's a bonified goat and this may be a masterpiece. willem dafoes interaction with those (what they called?)

i cant say it

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