American Psycho

American Psycho ★★★★½

"I simply am not there."

A bloody, naked Christian Bale runs down a condominium hallway, chasing a half-dressed prostitute with a chainsaw -- how in all that is holy did I not see this until now?

Patrick Bateman gives Jack Torrance a run for his money as the most iconic axe wielding 80's psychopath in this subversive satire of vapid rich yuppies workin on Wall Street. Christian Bale channels a combination of arrogance, insanity, vulnerability and even Jim Carrey. The scene where he puts on a clear raincoat, grabs his chrome axe, and whacks the hell out of Jared Leto to Huey Lewis and the News just screamed Carrey's slapstick style. And his random soliloquies to Huey and other classic 80's pop stars like Phill Collins and Whitney Houston are almost Shakespearean.

They made such a smart move having a woman take Brett Ellis's controversial book and adapt it to the screen. Co-writer and director Mary Harron does an excellent job of managing the misogynistic material to a point that the female victims, including the prostitutes, are handled with care.

I'm not generally a fan of movies with ambiguous endings, but I think it works here. But excuse me, I have to go return some video tapes.

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