Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★

MCU Smackdown

MCU #14: Christopher Nolan wants to make an MCU movie.

No, seriously. Stay with me as I map this out.

After Doctor Strange's director Scott Derrickson riffed on Inception with the city scapes folding over each other, I think Nolan decided to do him one better after watching the finale and was like "Eureka -- backwards time fights! I think I'll call it -- Tenet!"

Joking. Maybe.

Anyway, Doctor Strange again beats expectations by taking one of the more fantastical Marvel characters and making his origin story interesting. I actually think that's the formula for the more "out-there" comic adaptions. Similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, make the characters and cinematography so captivating you don't need to suspend disbelief as we're just riding along with the eye candy.

Benedict Cumberbatch get's to go FULL ASSHOLE as Strange, a guy so narcissistic he gives Donald Trump a run for his money. Tilda Swinton is always great as the bald headed "master."

And then there's Mads Mikkelsen who is so underutilized in his glitter eye-makeup its criminal. As pointed out by Mads expert @harlenquincade, he did have a good look in that S&M metal body cage.

"Forget Everything You Think You Know."

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