Malignant ★★★★½

""There's only so many PG-13 movies I can make before I get bored," says the filmmaker.

Thank you James Wan for saying out loud what all mother-loving horror fans are thinking every time a scene cuts away from gore or a kill in a PG-13 horror movie.

And then there's the choice quote from Wan the Man: " "You can take the boy out of horror, but you can never take the horror out [of] the boy."

The two trailers I saw for this do not get me excited for the movie, and I'm pretty freaking excited for this movie. The trailers scream his previous work, esp. Insidious, and other movie tropes (imaginary friends, J-Horror).

[Get's on knees, clasps hands together, and prays.]

"Please God, let the the trailer be a false flag like the one for The Empty Man, and doesn't represent how good the actual movie will be.

Thank you Lord.


P.S. Also, please give your blessing to HBOMax for sticking with their guns and doing simultaneous streaming releases.

P.P.S. Please stop all the fires and strike all the anti-vax/mask nut jobs mute so we can go back to normal."

[Postscript: Prayer pretty much answered. It was bonkers crazy and I had a blast. Unfortunately as you can see below, the anti-vaxxers haven't been muted.]

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