Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★½

"There's so much bureaucracy involved, every action requires a meeting." -- "Come on, don't knock red tape. It's the foundation of democracy."
- Random government bureaucrats.

This is probably the most realistic depiction of a government response to a real-time kaiju threat.

Full disclosure, I haven't seen a Japanese Gojira movie since I was in my tweens. I grew up on Ultraman and loved that back-in-the-day. But ever since Jurassic Park, I've been ruined for the stop-motion flicks of old.

There's been so much chatter on Letterboxd for Shin Godzilla with the release of Godzilla v. Kong I figured I'd check it out, and it was a pleasant surprise.

Instead of stupid human families doing stupid human things, the majority of the human interaction is with the government response.

And the design for this Godzilla incarnation is the most wicked of the series, both Japanese and American. First bleeding red muck out of its neck (gills?) with skin that looks reddish and burned, it evolves into the most bad-ass, ugly Gojira motherfucker to-date.

The soundtrack is fantastic which came out of nowhere for me. The filmakers really pulled all the elements of a good film together.

The movie overall, while cheesy at times, is impressive as hell, I can see why this is a fan favorite. And that WTF ending!

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