Suspiria ★★★★

I recently became a convert to the Church of Argento and the holy sacrament of Suspiria.

This remake stands up fairly well on its own merit. It takes the basic framework of the original Suspiria and adds its own story and aesthetic while doubling down on the grotesquery. It actually reminded me of the Evil Dead remake, a movie that also took the basic beats of the original while doing its own thing and amping up the gore.

This is a very slow burn which makes it drag a bit over 153 minutes. And the story becomes overly complex, with the inner political fight within the coven auspiciously trying to emulate the political turmoil happening outside in 1977 Germany. The end reveal, while an interesting twist, is so out of left field that I felt like I needed to rewatch it again to see if it's telegraphed in some way. As it is now, it feels like it is just a twist for twists sake.

But that glorious ending makes up for most of that by going full-tilt bonkers, with blood, guts and body horror galore. And Tilda Swinton -- while a witch here -- is my genre goddess.

[After Note: When I read somewhere that Tilda Swinton played two roles in this movie, I was like "What?!?!" To avoid a spoiler, let's just say she is utterly unrecognizable as the other character.]

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