The American Friend ★★★★½

“He’ll never bring the Beatles back to Hamburg.”

Jonathan Zimmerman walked so Walter White could run.

But seriously though. Wim Wenders’ use of color and contrast is so strikingly beautiful every time. The mise on scene and overall production design is impeccable and the ways he portrays the BDR, America and Paris are all so striking in their bleak industrialization. Not bleak by way of color (although West Germany is certainly portrayed with a lot of bright blues, whites and grays that reminded me similarly of Fassbinder’s Fox and His Friends) but by way of highways, construction equipment and city scapes blending together and every character from every country feeling isolated amongst the cacophony.
Bruno Ganz and Dennis Hopper have wonderful chemistry (I did not realize this was a classic Ripley adaptation until very close to the end when Minot said “Tom? Tom Ripley?” and suddenly the slight homoeroticism made sense), and Ganz in general is just so sweet and earnest. Truly the heart of this whole film. Really beautiful inside and out I couldn’t recommend it enough

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