Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★

Anderson’s latest Phantom Thread is a meticulous, well-crafted piece of art and is perhaps as finely-woven as Reynold’s dresses. The story takes a while to settle, partly because there are so many layers and depth to discover (and it probably demands multiple watches to fully grasp) but after that it consistently manages to be captivating.

At the center of the story is Reynolds Woodcock, a fashion designer and an insufferable man. But make no mistake, the deeply toxic and complex dynamic between Reynolds and Alma is not solely caused by his demeanor. These two are meant for each other as it becomes clear that they’re both driven by a somewhat insanity. There’s much to say about the ever twisting dynamics and power roles and it surely is just one of the many layers to discover by multiple watches.

The set and costume designs as well as the score were utterly breathtaking. Perhaps Phantom Thread could have hinged to an empty and overly pretentious territory but instead is a perverse, enchanting and twisted story that never fails to be entertaining.

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