• Trainspotting



    Does it encourage or cool off drugs by many critics in its time the masterpiece that has been criticized and controversial a lot. The subject of this film is not really drugs. Those who think they are encouraging that life are just shallow people. I think this film is one of the best productions that describes drug addiction, modern life and the pursuit of empty jobs. "Train Spotting" is when British people spend time writing down the numbers and models…

  • A Separation

    A Separation


    Interesting, instructive, eye-opening, different but very beautiful film in every way. Without further ado, I have to define it, albeit ambitiously.This film is the answer to the question of what would have happened if Dostoevsky had been a director.Although good actors are of course the prerequisite for undertaking such a detailed and deep analysis on "character", "personality", "lie" on the silver screen, It is really impossible to make such a film without a director with a literary spirit.All those long…

  • Okja



    The bond between Okja and Mija is neither less nor more than the bond we have with our pets. Would we want harm to come to the life of our pet whom we see as our children? No. Is the problem of what food so many people have nowadays a large-scale problem? Yes. Are those atrocities for the rapid reproduction of animals true? Where is the flow of nature? It is a film that clarifies and changes some thoughts. Just…

  • Ten



    A 2002 Abbas Kiarostami film set entirely in the car of an Iranian female taxi driver.Kiarostami tells us in this film that the extra difficult thing about being human in the Middle East, the sharpness of the distinction between men and women, the place of women in society, unemployment, the Iranian regime gives in the form of ten sequences and dialogues in a car while accommodating issues such as family, and that time flows in the outside world, but It…

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    That's war. Looting, destruction, rape, murder and the young children who witnessed them, the people who gathered the empty ones below while drinking vodka above...

    The effects of german fascism's attack on Russia in the second world war, the reality of the war are told through a Russian child.It is an extremely impressive film to see, albeit limited, how Hitler's fascism progressed unrulyly and inflicted wounds.The director told the whole truth of war and genocide without playing on it.I'd say…

  • Fargo



    | Oh Yeah?!

    Beautiful film that topped the category of movies to watch in winter.Ordinaryity of the characters in terms of the spaces used, camera movements and physical appearance, proximity to everyday life; The Coen Brothers work, which is very didactic with its great music and the story it tells.It's the deepest film of the Coens' dark humor narrative.

    "There are more important things in life than a little money."

  • Where Do We Go Now?

    Where Do We Go Now?


    In Lebanon, the concepts of peace (women) and war (men) are far from everything,It's a delicious film about a Muslim in an isolated village, a christian conflict, from a female point of view."It's the embodiment of the phrase "if the world moves, women are freed."Labaki, which blends real-life dramas with irony and mild feminism, must be added to the list of films we want to revise from time to time!

    "This is a long story of women in black. No bright stars, no burning flowers.Eyes darkened from ashes, women ruled by fate to show their courage.

  • The Spirit of the Beehive

    The Spirit of the Beehive


    Escaping much dialogue, this fascinating, ironic story is a poetic viewing of innocence, illusions and childhood memories.If you're a patient audience; This movie will hypnotize you.

    "If you're his real friend, you can talk to him anytime. Just close your eyes and think about her...

  • Irreversible



    A story in the triangle of love, betrayal and sexuality... Gaspar Noe's long scenes, chaotic and noisy environments, shot continuously at once,moving camera shots that make the viewer dizzy, sometimes difficult to focus on the film;we are welcomed not by a moral point of view of cinema, but by the perspective that allows us to see what is happening in real life.The film told a very good story of how disgusting rape was and the victim's desperation at the time.If you look at it in terms of seeing what a real rape is like and allowing you to empathize, it serves its purpose.

  • Scarface



    It's Al Pacino who's one of the best mafia movies and the best one on his own.Because al pacino's acting in the film is generally fantastic, but it's peaked on this stage. you watch a complete "loser"...You'll be immersed in the stage without even realizing it, and you'll be one of those people sitting at that table.From zero to the top, from the summit to the upside down with the help of human insatiable motivation...

    "I always tell the truth, even when I'm lying!" - Tony Montana

  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight


    A Legend of Christoper Nolan... It was a very impressive film. The Joker chief shouldn't have told everyone so clearly about anarchism. The best wild card is Heath Ledger.

    "You either die a hero or you live long enough to watch you turn bad.

  • Moon



    That's science fiction! Duncan Jones's combine science fiction with drama,It is a beautiful sci-fi film that ends with a dramatic ending as well as heavy criticism of the capitalist system.

    "How many of us are, actually. We're just as lonely.