1917 ★★½

It wasn’t made to look like one shot, it was made to look like two. 

1917 from Academy Award winning Sam Mendes feels like an idea that started with so much intrigue that turns into more of a gimmick in a standard story with a blanket of unorthodox ways. While reminding me that this could’ve been done in a much more enticing way. 

The whole one take process I found to first be pretty impressive for about the first third of the film until I realized just what those scenes were. Mostly small chat and wandering around these admittedly incredible production sets. And honestly the information could’ve been equally conveyed with any natural pattern of cuts. 

It’s even more depressing when I’ve reached the halfway mark and that cut to black completely made my optimism sank... and so did the realization of the cuts. It’s not overly obvious for most of it, but when it is it’s almost painful. Even more so with Deaken’s cinematography which I felt was restrained from this “one shot” design choice. Once again unfortunate. 

Through this, the thing I see with 1917 is that it’s easily starting high but unfortunately goes low. Going from something that I could see as ambitious to something that several people would call... Oscar Bait? Maybe... but I won’t go that far.

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