Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

I only went to see this because a group of guys from church were going. I did find out that one of them, who who teaches French at the same university where I work, did a class on French Film Noir last semester! He'll loan me any of the movies. That was the best thing about going to this film. Second would be the trailer for a Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic. Every other trailer was about explosions, shooting people, and beating people up. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it was just getting kinda monotonous after the 6th one.

As to the film Solo, which is what I am supposed to be talking about here, it's awful hard for someone to be Harrison Ford. And Billy Dee Williams too. Those guys just have so much natural smoothness and charisma, but sometimes that comes with age. And this Chewy, while he had more lines lacked some of the depth of the original. (That's a joke there, folks) I liked that the film was focused on Han and didn't try to bring in a bunch of random Star Wars call-backs. Though isn't Darth Mal out of the timeline? He should be dead.

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