Sorcerer ★★★½

First, Sorcerer is a horrible name for this movie. Wages of Fear is 1000 times better. I just watched Wages of Fear 8 days ago, so, while I don't like to judge remakes against the original too much, I might point out some differences. In Wages of Fear, the first hour is spent in the same one-street town. In Sorcerer in the first 20 minutes we have been to Jerusalem, Paris, New Jersey, and Central America. In Wages of Fear we really get to know the men and their relationships with each other, but we don't know why or how they came to be in South America. In Sorcerer, we don't get to know the men and not much is done with any relationships between them, but we know why they ended up in a back-water Central American town. Also, Wages of Fear is more desert like while Sorcerer is jungle and mud. And finally, Wages of Fear is a great film, while Sorcerer is a great genre movie.

I really liked the first 20 minutes here. I almost wish it had kept going in that vein, but then it would have been a different movie. Friedkin does a good job with the suspense, especially on the suspension bridge. (see what I did there?) As the second truck was trying to get across, there were 3 things at once that you are worried about going wrong. And he keeps you tight as a rope while he flips between them. The ending was killer.

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