The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★½

A few moments after I start this, my wife comes in the room and asks what it is about. I say it's a private eye movie. She asks, "Is he a private eye, or private dick? There is a difference you know." I respond, "He's more like a private dork." "So he doesn't even qualify as a dick, that's pretty bad."

For a movie that takes place in 1977, they don't go overboard trying to make everything look 1970s to point that it's distracting. It's all very natural. I like the gun in the cookie jar, Jim Rockford did that.

A black comedy (lots of people die, but it's a funny movie) about a private dork (Ryan Gosling) and guy who beats people up for money (Russell Crowe) work together to find a young woman and keep her safe. The private eye has a daughter and is a pretty scummy guy, while Crowe, who beats people up, is a pretty decent guy.

There was a dream sequence in which a giant bee is in the back seat of the car. Does anyone really dream like that? I only dream about real stuff like nuclear war, tsunamis, and trying to find a bathroom.

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