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This review may contain spoilers.

I think a big issue I had with Nomadland was how it was described to me as a passionate plea against capitalism, however it’s definitely more of a character-driven film. I think how personal the film is with Fern is one of its strengths, but I also think it’s lack of contentiousness, to me, makes it feel less powerful than it could’ve been. With that being said, the way this film was weaved together from a technical perspective was absolutely gorgeous. The cinematography felt laid-back, authentic, and in doing so, serene. The edit felt natural and raw, the direction, performances, and dialogue felt genuine (and a lot of it didn’t just feel genuine but was). I really want to see Nomadland again, knowing what to expect, because when watching it this time around, it was beautiful but felt restrained in terms of what it was saying.

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