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This review may contain spoilers.

In the 2020 AFC wild-card game, the Buffalo Bills faced-off against the Houston Texans. The Bills, coming off a great 11-5 season looked like they had a strong chance to make it at least past the first round; after all, they hadn't won a single playoff game since 1995. However, even though they had a strong performance throughout the game, they ended up choking in overtime and the streak has still yet to be broken. The Bills will continue to lose it seems because after losing four Super Bowls in a row it has to be a curse or something. Honestly, I'm happy Billy was in jail for those five years because he missed three other Super Bowls where he could have lost more money through bets and Mickey Rourke probably wouldn't have let him off so easy even the second time around.

Buffalo '66 to me, is about finding someone who keeps you going in life. Someone who is able to love you for who you are, so you don't get distracted in life through a void of materialism over people. Gallo creates a sympathetic character through Billy Brown which, at the beginning of the film, seems to do everything in his way to be as terrible as possible. However, after seeing Billy's parents and his childhood home, most of his actions become understandable. The scene in specific where Billy and Layla (Christina Ricci) go meet Billy's parents does a great job of telling a lot about them just through camerawork.

When Billy realizes what he has with Layla at the end of the film, it is fantastic to see a character who looked so defeated and vengeful to get so optimistic about the future. One of the best romantic comedies I have ever seen and one of my favorite films of the 90s as well.

"Just look like we are a married couple, *spanning time*!"- Billy Brown

Note: Happy to find out that this has a blu-ray release! I’ll definitely be adding it to my collection. But first, I kinda want some hot chocolate...

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