The Flat

The Flat ★★★½

A bit slow at times but totally fascinating; lots of reviewers on here are quite angry over it but I truly think two things:

a) People here just aren't used to the style of Israeli documentaries

b) The von Mildensteins 100% knew, and if they *really* didn't, why complain that they were told? It takes 10 seconds to look at the Braunbuch entry for "von Mildenstein" or a quick Google search to see what exactly Leopold von Mildenstein did pre-1945 (yes, even looking only at results published before this documentary came out). Just the fact that you're rich and working for a US company in post-war West Germany is enough to clue people into the fact perhaps there was something unsavoury going on, to say the least... to be so ignorant of why your own parents were brought up by name by Adolf Eichmann during his trial is astonishing and I find it kind of insane that people on here are upset that the director is "telling an old lady that her dad was a Nazi". The persistent denial is so frustrating! 

(side note: wish they'd explore the link between Zionism and fascism more)